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Welcome to miRCarta

miRCarta is a database featuring miRNA and precursor data from miRBase as well as newly predicted miRNAs from miRMaster and publications of Londin et al. and Backes et al.. Furthermore, we integrated information about predicted and experimentally validated miRNA targets from various sources, such as miRTarBase, microT-CDS and TargetScan.

integrated from miRBase organisms 223
organisms with genomic annotations 108
miRNAs 35,828
precursors 28,645
precursor families 1,983
integrated from miRNA-target interaction databases miRNA-target interactions with experimental evidence 364,647
predicted miRNA-target interactions 11,295,757
integrated NGS data processed by miRMaster experiments 18,035
number of total mapped reads 169,411,518,667
miRCarta new additions/updates integrated miRNAs and miRNA candidates 43,699
integrated precursors and precursor candidates 38,737
organisms 148
organisms with genomic annotations 148

current miRCarta release

Version: 1.0
Release date: Aug. 3, 2017
Last updated: Aug. 3, 2017


September 2017 miRCarta has been published in the NAR Database Issue 2017

miRBase v21 vs miRCarta v1 - Top Organisms

miRNAs per organism     

precursors per organism     

miRBase v1-21 - human

human miRNAs per miRBase version

human precursors per miRBase version